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Telephone & Email Etiquette

Etiquettes Learning


If you work in an office, you probably write emails every day – to colleagues, to your boss, to clients. Even if you’re still at college, you’ll need to email your lecturers once in a while (may be to plead for an essay extension, or to ask for help) – and many employers now expect resumes and cover letters to be sent by email. So, being able to write a professional, business-like email is a crucial skill. Because your correspondence says a lot about you, you should be aware of some basic email etiquette, sometimes known as netiquette.

Email Etiquette

An individual needs to follow a set of rules and regulations while interacting with the other person over the phone. This is often called as telephone etiquette. It is important to follow the basic telephone etiquette as our voice plays a very important role in creating an impression of our personality, education, family background as well as the nature of job we are engaged in.The skills and the attitude projected over the telephone form a lasting impression in the minds of an organization’s customers making it a critical customer ‘touch point’ – an important aspect of customer service.

English Language

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Etiquettes Learning

The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.


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