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About Imakeover

Change your INNER & OUTER Personality


  • To provide education per excellence, empowering an individual to built bright personality.


  • To Formulate Comprehensive learning environment that solidifies strength of student and make them ready for tough challenge of their lives.
  • Projecting a winning image to create a powerful first impression is the key to success in personal,professional and social life. After all everyone wants to be successful in life, but the certificate of success is heavily dependent on others. If what you think about yourself is not projected right, it leaves a poor impression on people, thus affecting what they think of you. Language of communication is also an integral part of your personality. People try to enhance their image by going to various solution providers like personality development or grooming programs, fashion designers to buy nice clothes, weight management expert to lose weight, or event something as intrusive as costmetic surgery. These are not comprehensive solutions. The fact is that a person’s image is combination of several factors.
  • Only an image makeover institute can help people project a winnings image in all aspects, I – Makeovers is committed to enhancing your image there by ensuring your success in everything you do.

Are You

  1. A student/graduate apprehensive about giving interviews?
  2. A working professional looking for career growth?
  3. A businessman wanting to expand your business?
  4. A homemaker/mother wanting to be more polished and confident?
  5. A prospective bride/groom looking to get married?
  6. A tourist travelling to countries with different cultures and climates?

English Language

Foundation, Champion, Master, Children/Kids, Housewife,Corporate/Professional Courses.

Etiquettes Learning

The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.


International English Language Testing System + Test Of English as Foreign Language